The Best Site to Download YouTube Videos and iTunes Musics

Are you looking for ways to download videos on YouTube and musics on iTunes without using an application? If so, you visited the right article. On this occasion will show you the many best sites to download videos that you want on YouTube and musics on iTunes, even you can convert them into any format.

The download site is designed to make it easy for users and give control over what they download. Some services offer different features. You can try one of these services, and we will help you in using it.

Have a look at the list of the best sites to download videos and mp3s from YouTube or iTunes.

YouTube Video and iTunes Music Download Site List

How do you use this video or music download site?

Even beginners can easily download youtube videos and iTunes musics. You only need to copy the video or music title or keyword that you want to download, then you just paste it in the search field on one of the download sites below.

Free video download service that allows users to download videos from various websites including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo etc. In this service you can download any video with a choice of webm, mp4, mp3 and HD formats. Qdownloader is free to use, provides high download speeds and is free of viruses or malware. Besides being an online video download tool, this site can also be used to convert videos into mp3 audio files. This means you can convert YouTube videos into audio music with a variety of format choices. More than 1000+ sites that you are ready to download using this service, some of which are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SounCloud and many others. Although PC users can no longer download directly, this site has its own method. This service has made a new innovation where users can download YouTube videos directly through the YouTube site.

Free video downloader that can be used as a video and audio download tool from various websites. This service supports all video formats such as: mp4, m4v, 3gp, wmv, flv, MO, mp3, webm, etc. With this site service, you can now download any video and can convert the video to an audio file with various format options. A website that was created specifically for downloading videos from YouTube. This service provides a variety of video formats with different quality. Besides being a video download tool, this site can also convert YouTube videos into music audio with a choice of webm, m4a and mp3 formats. The site, which was designed specifically for downloading YouTube videos, will display various video and audio formats that are ready to be downloaded. You don't need to copy-paste the youtube video url, just add this site to the url of the video you want to download, then the browser will automatically direct it to the download page.

In addition, we also have a list of other alternative sites for you to try to download videos or music there, the following below.

The next video downloader is not just for youtube, this site can also be used to download videos from other web sites including Facebook, Vimeo and DailyMotion. By clicking on the "Catch!" Button. This platform will display all video formats that can be downloaded for free. This site is an online video downloader that is easy to use and safe from all kinds of viruses. This platform also supports downloads from various websites including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo etc. One thing for sure this service supports a variety of video formats including HD. You can also convert YouTube videos to music audio and can be downloaded for free. One interesting thing about this site is that you can see live video size based on the quality of the selected video. Convert youtube videos to various formats including mp4, 3gp, avi, mov, mkv.

This site is a pretty fast and free youtube downloader. This service supports video to audio conversion with various format choices. You can use this service as a video download tool from various websites including YouTube. Exercise as usual: get the youtube video URL, enter in the url insert column, press the Download button. This online video downloader can be a tool for accusing video and audio that is easy to use. Supports the download process quite fast and 100% free. Can download videos and audio from various formats including mp3, mp4, webm and HD. This site is a fairly complete video downloader, this service supports downloading and converting videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and many more popular video platforms including more than 1000 supported sites. Types of sites supported include News Videos, music videos, sports videos, game videos, funny videos and so on.

That's the best site for downloading YouTube videos and audio. Whatever site you watch the video, hopefully this article on this occasion can help you download videos that you find on the internet.